Crossfit enthusiast's set
Bumper plates 520lb
Rubber Bumper
693lb (1)
Rubber Olympic
6ft barbell
push up stand
push up stand
push up stand
693 Rubber Olympic (1)
462 Rubber Olympic
330 Rubber Bumper
319 Rubber olympic
308 Rubber Olympic
231 Rubber Olympic (1)
209 Rubber Olympic (1)
198 Rubber Olympic (1)
143 Rubber Olympic (1)
132 Rubber Olympic (1)
77 Rubber Olympic (1)
66 Rubber Olympic (1)
520 Rubber Bumper
380 Rubber Bumper
340 Rubber Bumper
260 Rubber Bumper
190 Rubber Bumper (1)
170 Rubber Bumper
100 Rubber Bumper
50 Rubber Bumper
Adjustable Kettlebell
Adjusatble kettlebell red
Rubber Olympic
6ft barbell
6ft barbell
push up stand
push up stand
push up stand
Rubber Olympic weight Plates 462lb
Rubber weight Plate 330lb
Rubber weight Plate 319lb (1)
Rubber weight Plate 308lb
Rubber Olympic weight Plates 231lb
Rubber weight Plate 209lb (1)
Rubber weight Plate 198lb
Rubber-weight-Plate-143lb-1-595x595 (1)
Rubber weight Plate 132lb
Rubber weight Plate 77lb (1)
Rubber weight Plate 66lb (1)
Bumper plates 520lb
Rubber Bumper
Bumper plates 380lb
Bumper plates 340lb
Bumper-plates-260lb (1)
Bumper plates Amazon 190lb
Bumper plates 170lb
Bumper plates 100lb
Bumper plates 50lb

CrossFit Enthusiast's Set


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⭐ Includes: ✔️ 66 LB RUBBER OLYMPIC (2'') Weight Plate Includes: 2 x 11 lbs (2 x 5 kg) Plates 2 x 22 lbs (2 x 10 kg) Plates ✔️ 1 x 6ft Olympic Barbell 2 inch ✔️ 1 x Cast Iron Adjustable Kettlebells 20 LB ✔️ 1 x Push Up Stand
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12 Months
HAJEX offers a CrossFit Enthusiast's Set which is a great deal of flexibility to your fitness journey. This enthusiast's set includes a 6 ft Olympic Barbell, 20 LB Adjustable Kettlebells,  a Push up stand, and a wide range of Bumper Plates including Rubber Bumper and Rubber Olympic weight sets that you can choose according to your requirements. Our cross-fit Enthusiast’s set dramatically changes your workout routine and brings out the best in you. 

CrossFit Enthusiast's Set Details

Bumper Weight Plates

HAJEX offers a wide range of Olympic Bumper weight plate sets. Sets are available in multiple weights starting from 50 lbs to 693 lbs. These Olympic plates can be paired with an Olympic barbell bar with a 2-inch sleeve diameter, which helps to improve your weight-lifting performance with a secure grip. 


These plates are made with premium quality cast iron which is encased in durable rubber that gives it longevity.
Rubber Bumper is available in 50 LB, 100 LB, 170 LB, 190 LB, 260 LB, 340 LB, 380 LB, and  520 LB weight options.
Rubber Olympic is available in 66 LB, 77 LB, 132 LB, 143 LB, 198 LB 209 LB, 231 LB, 308 LB, 319 LB, 330 LB, 462 LB, and 693 LB weight options.
The diameter of center hole is 2 inch which reduces friction and help in the easy loading and unloading of weights on Olympic barbell.
The rubber coating over metal plates not only protect them from rusting or corrosion but also keeps your expensive floor safe from potential damages.
A soft surface offers a nonslip grip that enables you to hold the weight plates firmly.

6ft Olympic Barbell 2-inch

Bumper Plates coupled with 6ft Olympic bars offer a prime workout experience in the comfort of your home. Our barbells are manufactured with industrial-grade steel that further undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its ability to withstand heavy weights without bending. Apart from quality check, each bar is precisely polished to give it a smooth finish. 
Our bars come with 2 metal clips that hold your weights securely on sleeves. 
Knurled solid texture allows you to grip the bar firmly and eliminates the chances of slipping and falling. 
Heavy-duty construction makes our bars sturdy enough to serve you for years to come. 
Thick sleeves with a 2-inch diameter are ideal for loading Olympic bumper plates.
 20 LB Cast Iron Adjustable Kettlebell 
The Adjustable Kettlebell is one of the best investments for fitness enthusiasts. It is an effective and powerful tool for all levels of athletes who are enthusiastic to build muscles and endure strength.


Heay-duty construction of cast iron with an anti-rust coating that prevents it from corrosion and improves its longevity. 

Flat base to ensure the stability of the kettlebell to prevent it from rolling over.  
Adjustable weight options allow you to increase your kettlebell workout intensity without needing to purchase more kettlebells from time to time.
Ergonomic design is just made right to practice multiple exercises like squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and many more.
The seamless portable design makes it easy to store after working out.
20 LB Kettlebell Weight Increments
– 1 x 5 LB (2.3 KG)
– 1 x 7.5 LB (3.4 KG)
– 1 x 10 LB (4.5 KG)
– 1 x 12.5 LB (5.7 KG)
– 1 x 15 LB (6.8 KG)
– 1 x 17.5 LB (7.9 KG)
– 1 x 20 LB (9 KG)
 Push Up Stand
By keeping in mind the customer's convenience and comfort, HAJEX built a push-up stand that is best for indoor and outdoor workouts. It has a soft and comfortable handle that provides you with a comfortable grip. 
Dimension:  9″ Length,  5.5″ Width, and 5.9″ Height.
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Max Weight Capacity: 330 lbs (149.6 kg)

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