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pvc weight plates dimensions
PVC Coated Plastic Weight Plates on bars by HAJEX
PVC Coated Plastic Weight Plate
PVC Coated Plastic Weight Plates 30mm stack
PVC Coated Plastic Weight Plates 30mm
2.5 KG PVC Weight Plates (1)
20 KG PVC Weight Plates (2)
15 LB PVC Weight Plates (2)
10 KG PVC Weight Plates (2)
7.5 KG PVC Weight Plates (1)
5 KG PVC Weight Plates (1)
2.5kg weight plate
5kg weight
7.5kg weight plate
10 KG PVC Weight Plates (1)
15 LB PVC Weight Plates (1)
20 KG PVC Weight Plates (1)
pvc weight plates dimensions
PVC Weigh Plate 5 kg 11lbs
PVC Weigh Plate 5 kg 11lbs (1)
2.5kg weight plate (1)

Standard & Olympic PVC Weight Plates in KG


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Bar Hole
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The weight plates are made of a cement and iron sand mixture. Then is further enclosed in a thick plastic coating that makes it shockproof. The special material utilized in this weight plate makes it highly durable and the soft covering protects the flooring. Additionally, Its ergonomic design makes it super convenient and safe to use in both commercial and home gyms.

Weight Plates Features

  • High Quality: The weight plate contains the finest quality material that can withstand tough shocks and the PVC padding around the plate resists any sort of crumbling.
  • Ergonomic Design: Each plate features great ergonomics. Despite the standard 1-inch & Olympic 2-inch bar hole, the weight plates have six easy-to-grip holes for convenient handling. Additionally, the plate body is textured which aids in firm holding.
  • Sweat-proof Covering: The soft patterned PVC exterior makes the plates anti-slip and prevents the accumulation of sweat while grinding at the gym.
  • Versatility: The HAJEX plastic weight plates are compatible with HAJEX  1-inch & 2-inch Straight or Curled Weight Bars.  With a barbell or alone, the weights are best for strengthening your muscles and getting your body back in shape. These standard weight plates are suitable for both commercial gyms and at-home gyms.
  • Economical: The Plastic Weightlifting Plates come at a very reasonable price, making them the best alternative to our Olympic weights they are a bit pricey but beat off other weights out there in the market.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

So, I am a huge fan of good quality weight plates and weight lifting. It has been a while that I found such good quality weight plates as HAJEX offered. I was searching online for standard PVC weight plates and found these amazing HAJEX PVC weight plates at hajexfitness.com. I am fully satisfied with my purchase and would like to order from HAJEX again.

Corbin Jackson

I already had a one-inch barbell rod and was looking for compatible weights, when I found Hajex Fitness. These PVC weight plates have a great variety of weight alterations. I bought a 5 kg weight plate set, and it was awesome. Highly recommend.

Martin Dow

Bought these weights for my standard weightlifting bar and they fit perfectly. On holding the plates, they seem sturdy enough to get the job done for me.

E. Harlow

These are really good. I bought them for my barbell. It was fast delivery material is also good. The weight of the plates are the same I checked it on my weight machine

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