Free and Fun Ways to Improve Your Fitness 

Imagine yourself at the gym day in and day out. You go in there and do the same exercises every day. Do you feel like you’re having fun? Or has it become a chore - doing the same reps and feeling like a robot? If you’re working out robotically, chances are, you’re thinking of it as hard work which hardly equates to any fun. It’s always good to spice things up, making things more fun and exciting and continuing to get the results that you want. A lot of people don’t find working out particularly enjoyable, but do it to maintain their fitness. What if there was a way to meet your fitness goals, whilst at the same time making it fun and something you actually look forward to? Here are some free and practical tips that can help you make your workout routines fun.  

Have An Accountability Partner 

How about you bring along your best friend to join you? Let’s be real, it can be hard and takes a lot to motivate yourself to work out. When you have an accountability partner, then you are far less likely to continue slacking. When you’re tempted to skip your morning run, or can’t push yourself to hit the gym owing to your laziness, having a friend that can keep you accountable can really push you to work out more and get in the mood. 

Go and Explore 

Let’s say you genuinely enjoy walking and have incorporated it into your fitness regime. Well, what if you could make it more exciting and innovative?  Here’s what you can do: list down all of the places near your home that you wish to explore. Grab a friend while you’re at it, or take your dog with you, and get walking (or running), whichever you prefer. Go out there and explore. You never know the interesting things you’ll find along the way. Go exploring, have fun adventures, and maintain your fitness, because that’s the ultimate goal here.  

Try Skipping  

Are you bored of constantly running on the treadmill? Here’s an alternative, try skipping rope instead. It’s one of the most effective ways of burning calories in a short amount of time.   Skipping also has less impact on your joints. It improves your heart health, reducing the risk of heart diseases. Skipping also helps improve your coordination and stamina. It gives a boost to your mental health, as skipping rope moderately has been linked to reducing anxiety and depression.  With so many benefits, how could you not opt for skipping? It’s one of the easiest and most effective cardio exercises, and with a wide range of health benefits. Have fun and also take your fitness to the next level. 

Upgrade Your Commute 

How do you usually get to work? If you live in closer proximity to your workplace, then how about you replace your car and use a bike to go to work instead?  You can explore your neighborhood and discover new spots. Even better? You get to work on your health and fitness every morning you go to work.  It might be the case that you’re so busy with work that you don’t get the time to hit the gym. At least you can rest easy and feel better knowing that at least you walked or took a bike to work in the morning. That’s an actionable step towards maintaining your health and fitness even when you’re super busy. 

Get Dancing

There’s nothing like a good dancing session like no one’s watching to get the blood pumping in your veins. The best thing about dancing is that you don’t need any fancy equipment or some complicated moves to get started. Just put on some good music, feel the rhythm, and dance to your heart's content. Not only will you have a really good time, but you’ll get your heart rate up, and that’s one step closer to creating a healthy lifestyle.  

Use Fitness Apps

There are now so many useful fitness apps out there that can help you keep your health on track, all while sitting in the comfort of your home and avoiding the hassle of having to hit the gym.  You can find a diverse range of free fitness apps that can inspire your workout routines and motivate you to get fit more regularly Even the paid versions cost way less than a gym membership and are something you can easily afford. These apps require a minimum investment, but value-adding information and tips that can help improve your health and make your fitness routines more enjoyable. What more could you want? 

Listen To Your Favorite Audiobooks & Podcasts

As we talked about earlier, we don’t want to make working out seem like a chore. If there’s one thing that can make your workout sessions pass like a breeze, it’s by listening to your favorite audiobooks or podcasts. You’ll notice how quickly the time passes, and you’ll be more focused on listening to your audiobooks and podcasts, rather than noticing how hard the workout is or how much time it’s taking.  You’ll have something else to focus on other than the pain of exercising. The time will pass quickly and it won’t feel like some daunting task that you have to get off of your shoulders.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to build your stamina and increase your strength. All you need is a fitness mat which you can order from anywhere to help you get started. If you’re a beginner and just starting out, start with some easy yoga poses to try at home. Yoga gives you better heart health, improves your flexibility, and helps you sleep better at night.  It also helps you manage your stress and improve your overall mental health. Try doing something out of the box for a change by implementing Yoga into your fitness regime. You’ll be surprised to see the noticeable changes within you.

Take The Stairs

Your body needs regular movement and maintenance. Sometimes we get so consumed by the daily major happenings of life that we feel like we don’t have the time to invest in ourselves and get a workout in. If you feel like you’re a busybody, here’s something that can help you get your health back on track. Try taking the stairs instead of using the escalators when you’re going in and out of work or to any other place.  You can actually get a lot of body movement in if you take the stairs whenever that’s an option for you. Running up the stairs can actually help you burn a lot more calories as compared to doing the same activity on a flat surface.


And there you have it! These are some of the free and easy ways to make your fitness journey more fun and exciting.  Your health is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Using innovative and fun ways to get started on your fitness routine, and without having to spend a lot of money, can set you up for life. We wish you all the best on your fitness journey!