7 Best Glute Exercises for Women and Men

The flat ass syndrome is getting increasingly common among people with a sedentary lifestyle. With continuous sitting and lack of exercise, glutes become weak and lead to problems in running or doing some weightlifting. If you want to have stronger and toned butts like the ones people often flaunt on social media, then start training your booty with some of the best glute exercises for beginners. These booty workouts would make your core stronger and provide you with enough strength. What are Glutes The gluteals are the largest muscle group in the human body that supports your back, and pelvis. In order to train your other muscle groups, you need to focus on strengthening your booty. This not only helps you get attractive psychics but also provides a number of benefits.

Benefits of Glutes Exercises

Improved posture Many people suffer from poor posture as a result of being a couch potato or working in the same position for hours. This also deactivates the glute and they seem flat and push the abdomen forward that giving a false illustration of belly fat. Therefore, by starting glute exercises, the belly gets flat and the overall body posture improves. Weight loss and maintenance Since glutes are one of the largest muscle groups, the activation has a significant impact on body weight. The butt workout also helps to reduce belly fat by burning mass calories. So, if you intend to do a glute workout for this purpose then first calculate your body fat. It will help you to track your progress as well. Increased bone density After a certain age, our bones started to get weak that increase the risk of developing osteoporosis and osteopenia. Usually, this happens when we reach bone maturity. Fortunately, bone diseases can be prevented or even reversed with glute exercises or by practicing certain yoga positions. Power endurance The booty workout is a major source of power endurance in athletes. It helps to improve their performance in terms of acceleration and speed. The glute activation makes the butts strong and aids in propelling the body forward while cycling, jumping, or even running. Pain reduction The glutes are responsible for supporting the lower back but without enough strength, they transfer this job to the other muscles which are not designed for this task, so with time those muscles get exhausted and lead to acute back pain. However, this can be reduced by glute stretch. It also reduces pain in the knees, joints, and hips. Therefore, try the best glute exercises for both men and women that will protect your body from potential injuries as well.

Best Glute Exercises

1. Gluteus kickbacks
Targeted Muscles: Gluteus Maximus, gluteus minimus, abdominals, and gluteus medius Equipment: Resistance band, yoga mat Rep Count: 15 Reps (3 sets) Instructions Begin with making a horse shape, supporting your body with both hands and knees on a yoga mat. Note that your hands are just below your shoulder. Gently, lift your leg backward at 90 degrees angle and then bring it back to lift the other one. Once your body gets used to it, add some resistance with booty bands. Strap them either on your thighs, feet, or below the knees for multiple levels.
2. Side Squats
Targeted Muscles: Hamstrings, abdominal muscles, gluteus Maximus, quadriceps, lower back, gluteus minimus, calves, and gluteus medius Equipment: Resistance band Rep Count: 15 Reps (3 sets) Instructions Tie a resistance band below your knees and position yourself in a semi-squat position. Now, gently push yourself down with the help of butts while keeping your core engaged. Use your calves and feet to bring them back to their original position. After completing its several sets, raise the resistance band above the knees and practice the same steps. By doing this booty workout regularly, your body will adapt to this position. Then you can add some hand weights for more resistance.
3. Squats with Kettlebell
Targeted Muscles:  Hamstrings, abdominal muscles, gluteus Maximus, quadriceps, lower back, gluteus minimus, calves, and gluteus medius Equipment: Kettlebells Rep Count: 15 Reps (3 sets) Instructions Follow the same steps as side squats but keep your hands up while holding a pair of kettlebells as illustrated in the picture.
4. Lunges
Targeted Muscles: Hamstrings, gluteus Maximus, calves, and quadriceps Equipment: Dumbbells Rep Count: 15 Reps (3 sets) Instructions Hold a pair of dumbbells, and step forward with 90 degrees angle while bending your back leg with supporting your weight on toes. Keep your spine straight, your abdominal muscles inward, and look straight. Push yourself back to a standing position and repeat the steps by interchanging your leg position.
5. Glute Bridge
Targeted Muscles: Hamstrings, gluteus maximus, hip adductors, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus Equipment: Resistance band, yoga mat Rep Count: 15 Reps (3 sets) Instructions Tie a resistance band just below your thighs then lie down straight on a yoga mat or foam mat and keep your arms straight on the floor. Bend your knees and gently lift your torso while keeping your back straight and your abdominal muscles engaged. Hold your body for a few seconds in this position before lowering it back to repeat the steps.
6. Leg abductions
Targeted Muscles: Gluteus minimus, abdominals, tensor fasciae latae, and gluteus medius Equipment: Resistance band, yoga mat Rep Count: 15 Reps (3 sets)   Leg abduction is the most popular butt workout that not only tones the booty but also helps to shape the abs. Instructions For this, lay on your side on a soft yoga mat and support your torso with a bent elbow and forearm. Strap a resistance band and bend back your lower leg. Put your other hand on your waist and gradually lift your upper leg at 45 degrees angle and bring it down. Repeat this 15 times.
7. Step-Ups
Targeted Muscles: Calves, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, quadriceps, and gluteus medius Equipment: HEX Dumbbells Rep Count: 15 Reps (3 sets)     Instructions Lift heavy-duty hand weights like HAJEX HEX dumbbells and start stepping up on an inclined surface. Make sure to keep your back straight.

Final Words

The glutes are comprised of three muscles; gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius. Without their involvement, it is impossible to achieve your goal. Therefore, practice the above-mentioned glute workouts on regular basis to build more strength. These butt exercises will also increase your muscle mass while reducing body weight. By practicing this, you can prevent your bones from pre-aging bone diseases.