5 best chest workouts to build muscles

Chest Workouts

Every workout routine requires stamina and energy. Chest Workouts are specifically those that are extremely helpful in building your torso and chest. Are you tired of sitting in your room and want to get out of your comfort one to make strong muscles? Are you an individual who is eager to learn new exercise routines? If yes, then you must start with chest workouts. These simple and easy five best chest workouts will help you build muscles and make your core strong. These core muscle exercises require dumbbells or barbells so that weight lifting will help you make your muscles strong and toned. Let's throw some light on these easy chest workouts.

1. Speed Bench Press

Well! If you are a beginner, then you must hit a gym and do this exercise in the supervision of an instructor. The instructor will help you lift heavy weights in the beginning when you are new to the exercise. In addition to this, you must need a flat bench for this bench press exercise. Let's see how this exercise is done How to perform bench press:
  1. Use a bench press machine.
  2. Lie down on a totally flat bench with your back pressed on the bench.
  3. Use at least 60% of your maximum weight.
  4. Hold the barbell with tight grip.
  5. If you think you can bench press 250lbs in a single time, perform your sets with 150.
  6. Speed up each rep off your chest as fast as you can.
  7. If you feel that your heart rate increases faster than it should, stop the exercise and take rest.
[caption id="attachment_15543" align="aligncenter" width="300"]speed-chest-press Speed Chest Press[/caption]

2. Decline Press

Let's just say that decline machine is a bench that decline towards the ground and it gives support to your back to lift heavy weight. Typically, decline bench press is used for lower chest. You will be able to lift the dumbbells and make lower muscles strong. It is considered as the most favorite exercise of all time of most great Olympians and athletes. Most of the body-builders like decline press because they say that it focuses the entire chest. This machine allow the body-builders to lift heavier weight in much comfortable manner than the flat bench. You can easily find decline press bench in the gym. However, different gyms might have variations of the decline press. If your gym has a decline press that contains support then you will find it quite easy to do decline press using dumbbells and barbell. The main focus of this exercise is on shoulder abduction. This will make your chest muscles strong and active. Let's see how this exercise is performed. How to do decline press:
  1. Use a decline press machine.
  2. Lie down on a decline bench with your back pressed on the bench.
  3. Use at least 60% of your maximum weight.
  4. Hold the dumbbells in your hands above your chest with tight grip.
  5. Lift the dumbbells up in the air above your head until your elbows are straight.
  6. Speed up each rep off your chest as fast as you can.
  7. If you feel that your heart rate increases faster than it should, stop the exercise and take rest.
Caution: It is always better to perform this exercise in the supervision of gym instructor. [caption id="attachment_15546" align="aligncenter" width="300"]decline-bench-press Decline Bench Press[/caption]

3. Machine Chest Press - Chest Workouts

It is great to perform exercises on either a flat bench or decline bench to make chest muscles. However, if you are interested to perform some more vigorous chest workouts, then you must take a look at some machine press and cable press variations. These chest press machines have some unique benefits. In this exercise, dropsets can be done easily using stack-loaded machines which are also great. As the name suggests, machine chest press focuses on making chest. The push and pull mechanism of the cable will let your shoulder get into abduction and tension in your shoulder muscles will help you tone your upper chest. There are some variations for chest growth for machine chest press. These are:
  • Simple Machine chest press
  • Flat Plate-loaded chest press
  • Incline Plate-loaded chest press
  • Decline Plate-loaded chest press
  • Seated Cable chest press
  • Standing Cable chest press
  • Lying Cable chest press
Now, let's see how chest press machine is performed.
  1. Sit on a chest press machine with your back straight.
  2. Hold the handles of the machine with both your hands as shown in the picture.
  3. Your palms must face inwards.
  4. Press the handles close to your chest, creating a tension in your shoulders.
  5. Release the tension after holding for 2 seconds.
  6. Repeat the process and make the speed of movement according to your choice.
[caption id="attachment_15548" align="aligncenter" width="300"]machine-chest-press Machine Chest Press[/caption]

4. Chest Dip

Whenever we talk about exercise or intensive exercise in particular, we always have dips in the top-most categories of exercises. It is a common saying that goes by,
Nothing stretches the chest and makes it work quite like this bodyweight movement.
In dips, you are actually carrying your own weight just by holing the handles of any solid support. If you think that you are really strong and lift your own body weight easily then you can add extra weight with a dip belt. You can also use band or machine assistance if you struggle with bodyweight reps. In addition to this, if you are tired of decline press machine and want to perform your chest workout in your home then chest dip is the best alternative. Let's see how chest dips are done. How to perform chest dip:
  1. Put your feet down in front of you.
  2. Lean down forward as far as possible holding a support as shown in the figure,
  3. Let your elbows to bent and flare out slightly as you dip.
  4. Lift your body weight with the help of support.
  5. Keep your back flat in the process.
  6. Do as many as 8-10 dips.
  7. Keep a steady heart rate during the exercise.
[caption id="attachment_15550" align="aligncenter" width="300"]chest-dip Chest Dip[/caption]

5. Push-up - Chest Workout

Do you want to know the best exercise that does not require any fancy equipment and yet the best chest workout? Well! the answer is very simple. Indeed push ups are the best workouts, not only for chest, but these are also best for glutes, core and arm muscles. With correct precision and knowledge of push up, you can easily perform this workout routine without any assistance. The fun part is that there are certain variations of push ups. The most basic will help you get into shape in no time. However, you must know the tweaks of elevation and hand placement.  Let's see how push-ups are done in the most simple way. How to perform:
  1. Lie down on the floor with your palms facing the ground and feet on the floor.
  2. Keep your toes on the ground as shown in the picture.
  3. Straighten your back and keep the posture strong.
  4. Slowly reach to the floor and as your chest is starting to hit the floor, lift up.
  5. Keep your back and posture straight.
  6. Repeat the movement with your arms strongly adjusted on the ground.
  7. Do as many push-ups as you desire.
[caption id="attachment_15551" align="aligncenter" width="300"]push-up-chest-workout Push Up Chest Workout[/caption]

In Conclusion - Chest Workouts

The above mentioned five best chest workout routines will help you tone your chest and make your whole body strong and sharp. Sometimes, exercise is the only way out from your daily troubles and sorrows. So, carry on with exercise and workouts. Kettlebell Workouts will help you make strong chest muscles. Want to know more about Kettlebell Workouts? Check the article for complete details. Knowledge about several exercise routines are available at HAJEX Fitness. Visit the website for details.