4 Golden Rules To Grow Your Muscles Faster

People often fail to identify the problem related to their strength training exercises and suffer from improper mass development which can be eradicated with the proper way of doing the muscle exercises.  No matter what exercise you are doing, it is necessary to follow the 4 key steps to enhance your muscle growth.
Warm-Up Your Body
Before starting the workout, make sure you warm up your body. This will increase your blood circulation and the oxygen supply to your muscles to prevent the peril of rips and tears. In fact, this will benefit you by providing the essential nutrients to each muscle group you target and help to get faster results.
Change Workout After Every Week
Once the body adapts to your workout, the efficiency of that particular exercise gets reduced. Therefore, try different exercises for the same muscle group every week. 
Breathe Properly
Never try to hold your breath while pulling up weights or during any strength training exercise. It will inhibit the oxygen supply to your cells which then spikes the blood pressure and makes a person dizzy. So, avoid doing it at any cost and breathe properly. This will improve your muscle coordination and help to calm your body.
Take Rest
Always take a short break of 3 to 4 minutes in between sets. This ensures that your muscles have fully recovered and are ready for a tougher workout than before for greater mass building.