4 Equipment You Need to Do a Full Body Workout

Finding the right home gym equipment is important if you don’t like to go to the gym and exercise in front of people. With the right home gym equipment, you can do a full body workout.  You may have made working out at home a habit or simply want to do your fitness routine in the comfort of your own home.  If you keep on delaying workouts for too long, you will never be able to achieve your ideal body weight and maintain a healthy physique. But to land on the perfect gear to get started, you might have to do a lot of research and carefully select which gym equipment works best for you. But do you really have to?  Well, we are here to do all the hectic work for you. In this blog, we have accumulated all the amazing workout equipment you may need to get you going! Let’s dig in!

Yoga Mat

Starting with the basics, first up we have a yoga mat. You might be wondering what a yoga mat has to do with the list of home gym equipment for a full body workout. Well, if you really want to get started on a workout journey, you must have a healthy relationship with your body, and what’s better than yoga.  Even if you don’t like yoga, you can do other exercises like bicycles, crunches, jumping jacks, and lunges. Yoga mats also prove excellent for HIT exercises, as they provide a slip free surface for you to jump on or handle weights easily. 

Resistance Bands Set

For external resistance training, many different workout gears can be used, one of them being resistance bands. These bands are made to stop the muscle from moving too much and to limit how much it can stretch.  Exercises such as donkey kicks, squats, and hip thrusts can be done with resistance bands at home to enhance the level of your strength training. This small piece of exercise equipment is great for strengthening, stretching, and increasing the range of motion of muscle groups. Donkey kicks, glute bridges, side steps, and squats are all made better with this. 11pcs Latex Super Quality Resistance Bands Set Advantages


Kettlebells are versatile and may be used in a variety of ways to help you increase your strength and stamina through training. You should always begin with a lighter weight when working with a kettlebell. Using a heavier kettlebell will help you build up your leg muscle strength over time.  An adjustable kettlebell is great to start with as it neither takes up a lot of space nor is a mess to clean up. It is also a multi-function device that can be used for targeting the glutes and lower body muscles.  Hajex Fitness also provides an adjustable kettlebell that can be adjusted to 7 different weight levels. This is helpful because you can now change your workout in minutes based on how you're feeling and how hard you're training.  


Dumbbells have been an OG of full body workouts since forever. They are the most versatile home gym equipment. Having a great variety in style, like Neoprene coated dumbbells and weights such as cast iron adjustable dumbbells, one can always spice up their workout according to the mood.  Dumbbells can target many different body muscles depending on the exercise you choose to do with them. One set of adjustable dumbbells is a great way to save space. Another option for compact storage of dumbbells is using a neoprene coated dumbbell set with a rack stand. These racks are tree like and hold all your dumbbells in one place. The vibrant color of these color coded dumbbells also helps with easy identification and switching during workouts.     


To sum up, we must say that the right  equipment is highly necessary to keep you ahead in the game. Even if you are going for home workouts, you must know which home gym equipment will give you the best possible results. Our blog sums up the best and top 4 items of home gym equipment that you’d need for a fruitful full body workout.  You can always visit our website, www.hajexfitness.com, for more information on interesting offers or to check out our products whenever you like.