Squat rack weight plates bench and barbell set 3
Squat Rack, Bench & Barbell
Plus 231 LB Rubber Plates
Plus 245 LB Cast Iron Plates
Plus 462 LB Rubber Plates
Plus 490 LB Cast Iron Plates
Squat Rack
squat rack
workout bench x1
barbell 6ft olympic
Squat rack bench and barbell
Squat Rack bench weight plates and olumpic barbell set 2
245lb weights, squat rack, bench, barbell
Squat Rack bench weight plates and olumpic barbell set 4
Squat Rack bench weight plates and olumpic barbell set 5
Exercise Hajex Adjustable Workout Bench for Home Gym
Mutilple HAJEX Adjustable Workout Bench for Home Gym
HAJEX Adjustable Workout Bench
Adjusatble workout bench with 8 backrest options
1.8m straight barbell Hajex (7)
Workout bench dimensions
Squat Rack
updated 6ft barbell dimensions (2)
squat rack
olympic weight plates 20kg pair
olympic weight plates 15kg pair
olympic weight plates 10kg pair
olympic weight plates 5kg pair
olympic weight plates 2.5kg pair
weight plates set 245lbs 1.8m bar
weight plates 35lbs
weight plates 45lb pair
cast iron olympic weight plate 25 lb pair
weight plates 10 lb pair
weight plates 2.5 lb pair
weight plates 5 lb pair

Squat Rack, Bench, Barbell & Weight Plates Stack


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It includes: ✔️ Squat Rack ✔️ Adjustable Workout Bench (600 LB Weight Capacity) ✔️ Straight 1.8m or 6ft (2-inch Diameter) Olympic Barbell Bar
3 Locations
12 Months

The HAJEX offers Squat Rack Bench and Barbell Weight Plate Stacks for all levels. The stacks contain an Adjustable Workout Bench (with 600 LB Capacity), an Adjustable Squat Rack (with 1000 LB Capacity), a Straight 1.8m (6 ft) Olympic Barbell (2" Sleeves) with 2 spring lock collars, Olympic Rubber Weight Plates (2") or Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates (2"). You can select any stack depending on your workout requirements. These stacks are ideal for developing a complete workout station at home for the regular grind.


Adjustable Squat Rack

  • Quality Construction – The squat rack is constructed with heavy-duty steel that increases durability with an anti-tarnish coating.
  • Adjustable Height – You can adjust the height effortlessly according to your requirement in the range of 50”-57”. You can adjust the spotters to fit the height.
  • Added Safety – The barbell holder can be locked with sturdy bolts that secure the bars and prevent them from falling.
  • Rubber Feet – The base has rubber covers that protect the flooring and prevent the rack from slipping.
  • Safe Design – The H-shaped frame with a wide base ensures the stability of the rack.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity – 1000 Pounds

Adjustable Workout Bench 

  • Built Quality – Constructed of commercial quality steel, the HAJEX workout bench enables you to perform countless workouts i.e. bench press, incline, and decline dumbbell, sit-up, push-ups, etc. Also, Its seat is covered with premium PU leather and padded with thickened cushion.
  • Backrest Positions – This HAJEX Adjustable Bench has 8 backrest positions to fulfill all you require when exercising.
  • Compact Design – Takes less space and can be set up anywhere at home and the two wheels at the bottom allow easy adjustment of seat positions.
  • Adjustable Leg Developer –  It can also be set in 4 positions.
  • Height Adjustment –  you can set the bench at three different heights according to your comfort level.
  • Bench Dimensions – 45 x 13 x 49 in (114 x 33 x 124 cm)
  • Gross Weight – 19 Kg or 42 LB

Olympic Rubber Weight Plates 

  • Design –The plates have an Ergonomic Design for easy gripping
  • Rust-resistant Coating Each plate is coated with thick rubber that prevents moisture and air from coming in contact with steel plates and enhances the shelf life, making weight plates highly durable.
  • Material – Rubber and Stainless Steel
  • Bar Hole Diameter – 2-inch or 50mm

Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates

  • Solid Construction – The HAJEX Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plates are manufactured with heavy-duty steel under high pressure for better density.
  • Protective Coating – Each plate is carefully coated with rust-resistant material that prevents moisture from coming in contact with the steel. The e-coating also provides a smoother finish than regular powdered coating with much stronger adhesion.
  • Multi-Purpose – These weights are highly functional. You can use them for Strength training workouts, Ab exercises, and muscle endurance. The plates can be used individually or with Barbell bars.
  • Clear Labelling – The weight plates are engraved with white paint for easy identification. Usually, with time, the printed labels get faded and it becomes hard to identify the fitness equipment that’s why these plates come with painted labels in pounds and kilograms.
  • 2″ Plate Hole Diameter – The plates have a smooth 2-inch (50 mm) centre hole to load the weights on the Olympic barbell effortlessly.

Olympic Barbells

  • Heavy-duty compressed steel bar to hold more weight
  • 50mm or 2-inch thick sleeves
  • 1.8m (6ft) straight bars
  • Solid knurling for firm grips 

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Customer Reviews

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Elliot Merritt

If you're into high strength training like me, then this product is for you. It’s an all rounder machine to target all your lower body fat. You can also do upper body exercises using the bench. The machines were very easy to assemble, but the best thing is that they can also be used separately. This makes this machine a star purchase, as you don’t have to worry about buying weights or a weight compatible barbell rod separately.

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