Weight Plates
PVC 1 Plates
Rubber Bumper 2 Plates
Cast Iron plates 70lb
Bumper plates 260lb
PVC weight Plate 110lb
Rubber weight Plate 308lb
tri 735
tri 490
tri 340
tri 300
tri 245
tri 145
tri 85
tri 70
tri 35
tri 35
tri 70
tri 85
tri 145
tri 245
tri 300
tri 340
tri 490
tri 735
pvc weight plates 264 LBS
PVC weight Plate 44lb
PVC weight Plate 66lb
PVC weight Plate 220lb
PVC weight Plate 330lb
Rubber weight Plate 66lb (1)
Rubber weight Plate 77lb (1)
Rubber weight Plate 132lb
Rubber weight Plate 143lb (1)
Rubber weight Plate 198lb
Rubber weight Plate 209lb (1)
Rubber Olympic weight Plates 231lb
Rubber Olympic weight Plates 462lb
Rubber Olympic weight Plates 693lb
Rubber weight Plate 319lb (1)
Rubber weight Plate 330lb
Bumper plates 50lb
Bumper plates 100lb
Bumper plates 170lb
Bumper plates 340lb
Bumper plates Amazon 190lb
Bumper plates 380lb
Bumper plates 520lb
Cast Iron plates 35lb
Cast Iron plates 85lb
Cast Iron plates 145lb
Cast Iron plates 245lb
Cast Iron plates 300lb
Cast Iron plates 340lb
Cast Iron plates 490lb
cast iron plates 735lb
tri 490 (1)
tri 340 (1)
tri 300 (1)
tri 245 (1)
tri 145 (1)
tri 85 (1)
tri 70 (1)
tri 35 (1)
tri 735 (1)
PVC Coated Plastic Weight Plates on bars by HAJEX
pvc weight plates dimensions
weight Plate PVC 7.5 kg
weight Plate PVC 2.5 kg
weight Plate PVC 5 kg
weight Plate PVC 10 kg
5kg rubber plates pair
10kg rubber plates pair
rubber plate 2.5lb
rubber plate 33lbs
rubber plates 20kg pair
rubber plates - 20kg x 4
rubber plates 15lbs x 4
bumper plates 15lb pair
bumper plates 10lb pair
bumper plates size (1)
bumper plates 25lb
bumper plates 35lb pair
bumper plates
weight plates 10 lb pair
weight plates 2.5 lb pair
weight plates 5 lb pair
cast iron olympic weight plate 25 lb pair
weight plates 35lbs
weight plates 45lb pair

HAJEX Weight Plate Sets


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Stack Type
Stack Weight
Includes: ✔️ 2 x 2.5 lbs (2 x 1.1 kg) Plates 1" ✔️ 2 x 5 lbs (2 x 2.3 kg) Plates 1" ✔️ 2 x 10 lbs (2 x 4.5 kg) Plates 1"
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12 Months

HAJEX Exercise Weight Sets provide a great deal of flexibility to fitness enthusiasts. These weight plate sets allow you to pick the plate design of your choice and see the available weight options. You can select either Cast Iron Weight Plates, Bumper Weight Plates, Rubber Weight Plates, and PVC Weight Plates. These sets can be paired with Prime Barbell Bars to level up your weight training.

The weight plate stacks from Hajex Fitness are a great addition to any garage or basement gym. To properly train at home, weight plates are a must-have piece of equipment. There are a wide variety of exercises possible with weight plates. 
Powerlifting is another sport where weight plates come in handy. Weight plates are popular among athletes and home gym goers for performing slower lifts like deadlifts, bench presses, and squats.

The versatility of these weight plates makes them popular among gym rats. People who work out use them with barbells and dumbbells to make bars with different total weights. They are appropriate for both residential and commercial settings. You can use different weight combinations to get your desired weight with weight plate stacks.


FEATURES PVC Weight Plates Bumper Weight Plates Rubber Weight Plates Cast Iron Weight Plates
Center Hole Diameter 1-inch & 2-inch 2-inch 2-inch 1-inch & 2-inch
Type Standard & Olympic Weight Olympic Weight Olympic Weight Standard & Olympic Weight
Material PVC coating; Iron Sand interior Rubber coating; Cast Iron interior Rubber coating; Cast Iron interior Anti-rust coating;  Cast Iron Interior
Grip  6 Grip Holes Outer Edges 3 Grip Handles Outer Edges & Tri-Grip
Compatible Olympic Barbell 1" & 2" Olympic Barbell 2" Olympic Barbell 2" Olympic Barbell 1" & 2"
Available Weights 5.5 LB (2.5 kg), 11 LB (5 kg), 16.5 LB (7.5 kg), 22 LB (10 kg), 33 LB (15 kg) 10 LB, 15 LB, 25 LB, 35 LB, 45 LB 5.5 LB (2.5 kg), 11 LB (5 kg), 22 LB (10 kg), 33 LB (15 kg), 44 LB (20 kg) 2.5 LB, 5 LB, 10 LB, 25 LB, 35 LB, 45 LB
Weight Combos (LBs) 44,  66, 110, 220, 264, 330 50, 100, 170, 190, 260, 340, 380, 520 66, 77, 132, 143, 198, 209, 231, 308, 319, 330, 462, 693 35, 70, 85, 145, 245, 300, 340, 490, 735

Our Shipping and Return policies are very friendly.  After placing an order if you are not feeling good about it, just reply to your Order Email to have us begin the refund process If you do not like the product just have it shipped back to us and get 100% of the product cost refunded. We do provide an estimated delivery date that we try to deliver in and if for some reason we fail to deliver on time due to reasons beyond our control then we will offer you a replacement or full product fee refund.

For any questions: Email us at support@hajex.com or call at our Toll-Free #855-396-9333

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Customer Reviews

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Ron Lauder

What is the standard delivery time on these weight plates to Ontario?

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in our HAJEX Weight Plate Sets. Our standard delivery time to Ontario is usually 2-7 business days. However, this may vary depending on your exact location and any unforeseen circumstances. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to help!


Very nice Product. Best Value for my money.


What is the weight tolerance of the bumper plates?


Good quality plates.

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