Why Your Chest Isn’t Growing : 5 Important Reasons

To build the chest of your dreams requires a bit more than just benching big and taking out the tape-line. Every man desires a chest that fills out his t-shirt. But things get thwarted when your chest doesn't grow. In this struggle, you are not alone.  Experts might tell you all that stands between you and the body of your dreams is focus, drive, guts, or determination. But something else possibly stopping you: All those training mistakes that make you disappointed and injured instead of enthusiastic and inspired. Happily, we are here to set you straight and fix your favorite training weekday: chest day. Let's get started!

You're Not Warming up

Warm muscles are a lot more flexible and have an improved degree of mobility. Also, it can generate a huge amount of explosive power and is less apt to injury. Before each session, you need to give yourself more time to get the juices running. It will make a gigantic difference. So, guys, you need to warm up and a number of swings of your arms won’t cut it.

You're Not Take it Slow Enough

There is always one guy in the gym who appears as if he is attempting to break a world record for the number of reps done in 30 seconds. And if your objective is to make muscle, this will do little to assist the process. Going speedy perhaps promotes your ego, but it won’t grow your chest. According to a proven study, slow lifting movements executed to weary that creates a greater increase in the rates of muscle protein synthesis than the same movement done quickly.

You're Not Lifting Quite Heavy

To build a set of pecs, you need to work your muscles hard. Obviously, everybody has their boundaries and lifting capabilities – and we are not here to judge – even though you will be amazed just how tough you can go if you put your mind to it. Striving to lift big? Before each set, turn the music on in your headphones – according to a proven study, performance while incendiary exercise enhances when listening to music with mid-range bpm – take a few deep breaths and get those arms moving. 

You're Not Acting Like a Lifter

The more you focus on the muscle you’re working on, the more muscle fibers you can stimulate. Gym goers enhanced their bench press when they concentrated on using only their chest muscles. Next time you’re in the gym, consider the muscle working tougher as you move it.  As you lift and lower the weight focus on the contraction of the body part, and how powerful you feel while performing it. Trust us, it will work.

You're Not Taking Enough Break

Without satisfactory rest, your muscles will never grow. Actually, exercising really hard and too many times on the same body part could coup muscle growth and truly break down tissue that you have already worked too hard on to build.  If you are not completely relaxed and your muscles have not fully recovered, you could fall prey to overtraining, which may give rise to sickness and even injury, dawdling your gains even greater.  Start Your Fitness Training From Today With Great Fitness Equipment From HAJEX.