6 Major Reasons Why Your Biceps Aren't Growing

Having killer biceps is the ultimate dream of every man! Unfortunately, it is not what most men can attain. Perhaps, in building biceps you put in a lot of work but still not getting any results. No need to worry, it happens with the best of men.  The biceps and triceps are the showiest upper body muscles. Most gym-goers build up their arms as a priority, and consider that training biceps is the only ticket to the gun show! Sadly, many common mistakes can give rise to a distressing realization; my biceps won’t grow.  Often, professional bodybuilders hit a plateau in their work, but if you’ve been trying to build your biceps for some time, it might be essential to make various changes.  Training is always a learning process, even long-time gym-goers often require to re-learn how to bench press correctly or add a new technique to their training. We all have pain points and body parts which just don’t answer regardless of how much you lift; when this happens it’s an indication that you could be making a common mistake. Fortunately, we’re here to explain the reasons why your guns aren’t growing. Here are 6 mistakes you might be making that are preventing your biceps from growing.  

Wrong form

The first thing you need is to check your posture. If your form isn't appropriate, your biceps won't grow. Biceps are the easiest muscle group to focus on, and hence, it's simpler to stress. 

Lifting so much Weight

Stop overrating yourself and keep your ego aside. Your muscles can lift the limited weight, if you lift a lot of weight, your hands naturally use secondary arm muscles. In place of going heavy, go quiet and try improving your form for maximum muscle isolation. You will gain a lot more out of curling 14 to 20 kg for around 10 reps than curling 50 kg for 10 messy reps.

Using Forearms over Biceps

Again, a positional glitch, many people obtain a better forearm pump in place of a bicep pump. This is because you are curling your wrists backward. With the forearms keep the wrists straight throughout the whole set and a killer pump is secured. 

Hurrying the Curls

Most guys complete a rep from top to bottom in a quick 2 seconds. Give it a go instead – uptight your grip and take a minimum of 3 seconds to curl up and at least 2 seconds to curl down. The pump will knock your mind. 

Performing the same workout repeatedly 

Always remember, your muscles get used to a specific workout. You don't need to work the same angles, grips, or planes of motion again and again. Split your bicep workout –  use a medium, close, and wide grip bar. Also, pull from the upper and lower pulley.

Not letting them pause

Enough rest is a way to size gain. The muscle breaks when you work it out. While repairing, it only gains size and strength when you give it rest. So don't knock your biceps every day. You need to dedicate days to bicep exercise.  Visit hajexfitness.com to shop for amazing and reasonable gym equipment.