4 Best Ab Exercises for Beginners

If you want to get in shape then first develop a solid core as it serves as the foundation for other exercises and for beginners, I have enlisted some of the most effective ab exercises that you can easily practice at home. 

Ab Exercises

Hand Slide Crunches

Lay down straight on the floor and bend your knees. Then place both hands on your respective thighs and slowly begin to slide. You might experience your head pulling upward but it is a part of the exercise. 

Reverse Crunches

It is even better to create more tension in your muscles. Lay straight on your back and raise your legs vertically and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Then slowly lift your hips off the floor then hold for a few seconds and bring back your legs on the floor to do again. 


Planks are quite tough but the results are very promising. Hold your body straight from head to feet on your forearms and toes. Make sure your back is straight and your pelvis remains engaged. 

Russian Twist

Sit on the ground with bent knees and lean your torso back at 45 degrees angle. Then grab a ball and gently twist to one side and touch the floor then twist to the other side. Continue this unless you master this exercise, then try doing it with feet off ground. Bear in mind, results will take time so exercise regularly for at least 3 months to get your desired results, or if you want results within a month then try out the 6 simple ways to get 6 pack abs in a month