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Kettlebells - 5lb to 60lb


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Includes: ✔️ 1 x 5 LB Kettlebell ✔️ 1 x 10 LB Kettlebell ✔️ 1 x 15 LB Kettlebell ✔️ 1 x Kettlebells Storage Tray Material: Cement mixture coated with high density polyethylene
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Enhance your body strength with HAJEX Kettlebells, manufactured with heavy-duty cast iron or cement/plastic. The kettlebell workout aids in improving your body posture with more muscle engagement.  By incorporating kettlebells into your workout regime, you can reduce your exercise to 20 minutes and develop a much stronger core.
You can strengthen your grip and core muscles at home with the help of our fantastic cement/ plastic or cast-iron kettlebells, specially designed to fulfil your fitness goals. Now you can bring versatility to your workout by doing a wide range of different full-body resistance-training exercises and workouts with our supreme cast iron kettlebells. 
Kettlebell training is considered one of the most versatile and effective when it comes to getting one step closer to a strong core. It is easy to achieve high-intensity workouts to get your lower back and glutes back in shape. 
HAJEX kettlebells are also very beneficial for beginners who want to start working out at their home gyms. This effective gym equipment is widely used by professionals, which will help you get the best built-in cardio you can ever get. The wide handle provides much convenience while lifting the weight and takes very little space. The kettlebells can also be used with other best exercises for abs to get faster results. But don't forget to follow a few important steps to grow your muscles faster this will help you to get your desired results in less time.

Kettlebell Features

Protective Coating - An enamel paint coating prevents rusting by sealing off the cast iron from air and moisture and making your kettlebells last longer.
Wide Handle - Provides easier grip with wide handles. The handles are made with compressed steel to support the weight ball. The ample width accommodates both hands easily, allowing it to practice multiple strength-gaining exercises.
Textured Body - The solid texture provides firmer grips and prevents it from slipping. It also keeps the kettlebell stable on the floor.
Engraved Label - Instead of paints or stickers, the weights are engraved in a large font that helps to identify the weights quickly and never gets eroded.

Our Shipping and Return policies are very friendly.  After placing an order if you are not feeling good about it, just reply to your Order Email to have us begin the refund process If you do not like the product just have it shipped back to us and get 100% of the product cost refunded. We do provide an estimated delivery date that we try to deliver in and if for some reason we fail to deliver on time due to reasons beyond our control then we will offer you a replacement or full product fee refund.

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Customer Reviews

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Kaleb Drew

This is the best investment you can make if, like me, you prioritize a compact and efficient design for your home gym. This efficient adjustable cast iron kettlebell includes a simple weight selection mechanism. Some people might find it hard to switch weights, but I find it much easier and takes up less space than using several kettlebells of different weights at once. When it finally arrived, I realized how happy I was with my purchase.

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