cast iron adjustable kettlebells
Adjusatble kettlebell red
Kettlebell (4)
Adjustable Kettlebell
Adjusatble kettlebell red
Kettlebell (4)
adjustable kettlebell 20lb dimensions
adjustable kettlebell 40 lb dimensions

Cast Iron Adjustable Kettlebells


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Weight Range Size: - 1 x 5 LB (2.3 KG) - 1 x 7.5 LB (3.4 KG) - 1 x 10 LB (4.5 KG) - 1 x 12.5 LB (5.7 KG) - 1 x 15 LB (6.8 KG) - 1 x 17.5 LB (7.9 KG) - 1 x 20 LB (9 KG)
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The best cast iron adjustable kettlebells are here to take your powerpack exercise routine to the next level. These adjustable cast iron kettlebells are no less than a multifunctional exercise system. 
HAJEX Cast Iron Adjustable Kettlebells are an attractive and powerful tool for anyone from beginners to serious bodybuilders who want to follow an explosive workout routine. These kettlebells have 7 unique settings that allow adjusting the weight. You can easily adjust from 5 to 20 lbs or 7.8 to 40 lbs. This unique feature of weight adjustment makes HAJEX Cast Iron Adjustable Kettlebells a must-have product. 
A single item that replaces them all!
With the help of our Adjustable Kettlebell, you can perform vigorous workouts and gain endurance and strength in your muscles. If you are an enthusiastic exerciser who uses kettlebells in the gym or at home, then this equipment will help you perform a number of exercises ranging from kettlebell swings to kettlebell pushups. Furthermore, some vigorous exercises such as a kettlebell push press can also be performed easily with these adjustable kettlebells.


All in One: The Adjustable Kettlebell replaces the need to get multiple kettlebells. A single kettlebell either 20 lbs with 2.5 pounds increment or 40 lbs, offers 7 different weight options to perform a wide variety of exercises for years to come. Material: Powder-coated kettlebells, rust-resistant, coated grip handles
Instant Weight Adjustment: You can smoothly and instantly switch to heavyweights to increase the intensity of your workout.
Durable Construction: These kettlebells are made with premium cast iron under high pressure to enhance the product density. Also, the anti-tarnish coating around the weight plates and the frame protects them from rust and corrosion.
Wide Grip Handle: An extra-wide handle on each kettlebell allows you to hold it comfortably with both hands. Moreover, the slight texture ensures a firm grip during sweaty workouts.
Enhanced Stability: The flat base keeps the kettlebell stable on the floor, eliminating the chance of a potential foot injury.
Performance:  Durable cast iron material, excellent swings, easy weight transition.
Better Usage: Perform a wide variety of exercises for years to come. Single-handedly change weights.
Versatile Design: They can be used for multiple exercises including squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and much more.

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Customer Reviews

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Kinsley Holand

I stumbled upon this kettle ball since my daughter had been asking for one. The fact that you can modify the weights to suit your needs is a great feature; take it gradually as you add on more weight. I agree that it can be difficult to figure out how to use the red slider, but I can see why that locking feature is necessary to prevent the weights from accidentally dropping out. It's convenient to have a wide range of weights in one convenient package.

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