The 6 Simple Ways to Get 6-Pack in a Month

If you are determined to get in shape and have more prominent 6-pack abs in just one month, then you would need to make some strict changes to your lifestyle and diet.  The abs usually appear with the least body fat percentage that varies in men and women. Men only require 7 to 25% body fat whereas women need 16 to 33% depending on their age. Those who are unsure about their body fat should calculate it at home and make fitness your lifestyle, set up a home gym with the 3 best home gym equipment After knowing your body fat the next step is to follow 6 simple ways to get six-pack abs quickly. 

6 Effective Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs

Work On Your Abdominal Muscles 

The abdomen is an area where abs develop. So, you have to do exercises that focus this region of your body like planks, crunches, dumbbell wood-chop with adjustable dumbbells. It is quite uncomfortable to do these exercises on a hard floor, so use either double-layer interlocking sports mats (1-inch) or ½-inch interlocking exercise mats.

Add Protein to Diet

To build muscles you need to add 6 ounces of meat to every meal. Either eat an egg or grilled tuna, make sure you eat protein on a regular basis. But remember not to consume other dairy products as they may cause bloating.

Cut-down Sugar, Refined Carbs & Processed Food

With sugar, no one can lose body fat so eliminate it from your diet. Moreover, carbohydrates are the main source of energy and when we don’t burn it, it stores in our body as fat. Similarly, processed food is the biggest cause of obesity and the calories gained by them stay accumulated in our body. Therefore, you should limit your consumption or if you crave, eat no more than half a serving of grains to satisfy your taste buds. 

Burn Fat with Cardio

Cardio is an exercise that increases the heart rate and forces the body to burn more fuel (calories). Thus, do different types of cardio like running, jogging, swimming, walking, etc regularly to get abs faster. 

Eat Right Fruits & Vegetable

We all know fruits and vegetables are the healthiest sources of getting essential vitamins and minerals but unfortunately, some fruits and veggies are also rich in calories. Therefore, load your bowl with only fibrous vegetables (i.e. kale, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, or cauliflower) and watery fruits (i.e. melon, grapes, kiwi, oranges, or apples).

Stay Hydrated

Last but not the least, keep yourself well hydrated so your metabolism will improve and body temperature will stay regulated. Moreover, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day also aids in reducing calorie intake and enhancing lubrication between joints and muscles. 

Bottom Line

To get fast results stay stick to your healthy routine and make it your lifestyle to sustain the abs. Otherwise, with a poor diet or lack of exercise, you can lose abs.